Projects & Team

More of what I’ve done

Science Communication for Water Diplomacy in the Brahmaputra
Support for Economics Analysis of the Assam Integrated River Basin Planning and Management Projects
Open Water Diplomacy
Examining nature-society relations through urban infrastructure
Engineered land: terrestrial imaginaries and realities (WUR)
Support for transboundary Hydrodiplomacy Course
TransPath: Water Transformation Pathways Planning
Transboundary Policy Dialogue for Improved Water Governance of Brahmaputra Basin
Ecosystems for Life – adaptation for climate change in Brahmaputra river basin
Civil Society organizations and Transboundary decision-making in Brahmaputra River Basin
Socio Economic vulnerability assessment and potential adaptive strategies for the State of Manipur, India
Mid-term evaluation - Transboundary Rivers of South Asia (TROSA)
Linnaeus Palme international exchange program (planning grant) with Lund University
SAWA Fellowship
Transnational policy dialogue for improved water governance of the Brahmaputra Basin
Climate change vulnerability mapping in the Indian Himalaya In collaboration with IIT Mandi and IISc Bangalore, India
Climate Vulnerability Profiles for India: State and District Level In collaboration with IIT Mandi and IISc Bangalore, India
Water and livelihood – assessing climate vulnerability and potential adaptive strategies for eastern Himalayan region of India
Development of Resilient Program of six states of NE Indian and Himachal Pradesh
Climate Change Risk Assessment and Mapping at district and state level in India
Dissemination Workshop
TransPath Annual Conference
TransPath Inception Meeting
Dissemination Workshop (Vulnerability Assessment)
Capacity Building Workshop
Capacity Building Workshop
Capacity building workshop
Capacity building and consultation workshop
Terrestrial Imaginaries and Realities
Need Assessment Workshop
Disaster Risk Management for Brahmaputra River Basin: Confluence of Media and Science
Capacity Building workshop
Transboundary water management and conflict resolution using virtual water trade and Game Theory
Climate Change: The appalling truth | Anamika Barua | TEDxIITGuwahati
Woman for Water
Is Hydropower a Game Changer
IPCC 2022 Report: Is it Code Red for South Asia
Wednesdays for Water: Climate Change induced Water Distress

My Team

Current PostDoc

Dr. Debarchana Biswas
"I am Dr. Debarchana Biswas, presently holding the position of Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at IIT Guwahati. Prior to joining IIT Guwahati, I served as a Research Associate at Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Kharagpur. My academic journey includes the completion of a PhD in Geography from the University of Calcutta, with a specialization in studying the acculturation and ethnicity of the Chinese community in Kolkata. Currently, my research interests have evolved to encompass environmental humanities, coupled with a focus on action-based research where the integration of knowledge and practical implementation holds paramount importance."
Dr. Mijo Luke
I am Mijo Luke, currently serving as a Postdoctoral Fellow at IIT Guwahati. Before joining IIT Guwahati, I worked as a research coordinator at the Ashank Desai Centre for Policy Studies at IIT Bombay. I earned my PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), specifically through the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) in Trivandrum. My research primarily focuses on the political ecology of the Global South, encompassing areas such as Policy Process and Politics, Environmental Governance, and Inequality Studies.
Dr. Pooja Sankhyayan
I've done Ph.D. in Economics from SHSS at IIT Mandi. I've broadly worked in the area of energy economics as a part of her doctoral research. I've also worked on a World Bank project related to river basin management with IIT Guwahati and TU Darmstadt under the INLOCADE project in the area of low-carbon development as part of postdoctoral research. Presently, I'm working as a Senior Project Associate on a project related to Risk Assessment and Climate Change. I've also published in a journal of international repute as Energy Policy.
Dr. Priyam Laxmi Borgohain
I'm a Research Associate at IIT Guwahati working on climate change risk assessment and mapping in India. I'm an accomplished multi-disciplinary researcher and skilled scientific editor in the field of Earth and Environmental Sciences, with a Ph.D. from the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, a Gold Medalist in M.Sc Environmental Science, and recipient of the DST-INSPIRE Fellowship from the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

Past PostDoc

Dr. Natasha Hazarika
I am currently a Senior Program Associate at PMEL Water Resilience Practice. I've contributed to projects such as Science Communication for water diplomacy in the Brahmaputra basin, TransPath- Water Transformation Pathways Planning and Examining nature-society relations through urban infrastructure.

Current PhD

Madhavi Kreeti
I am an institute fellow at IIT Guwahati. I work at Centre for Environment.
Nirmali Baruah
I am a researcher at CDMR, supported by an Institute Fellowship.
Gitima Das
I am exploring the nature-technology relationship in the Brahmaputra River Basin under the 'Negotiating Nature' project, supported by an Institute Fellowship at the Centre for the Environment.
Surbhi Vyas
I am a Prime Ministers Research Fellow working on Assessing loss and damage to climate change at Centre for Disaster Management and Research (CDMR).
Protiva Adhikary
I am a recipient of the ICCR Scholarship at CDMR, focusing on the data and information sharing mechanism in the transboundary river basin, specifically between India and Bangladesh.
Shankar Ghosh
I am working on the project 'Climate Resilient Infrastructure: A Case of Guwahati City' with the HSS (Interdisciplinary) team, supported by an Institute Fellowship.
Mimika Mukherjee
I am a part-time student working on is analyzing virtual water trade in the Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna Basin to understand its patterns and implications for India, along with working as a Consultant at the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
Swagata Das| External
I am currently engaged in doctoral research, aiming to reimagine the landscapes along the Brahmaputra River to enhance resilience against climate change and future flooding. Trained as an urbanist and architect, my previous endeavors include crafting sustainable urban development plans for the Andaman & Lakshadweep islands in India. I hold a master's degree in Urbanism & Strategic Planning from KU Leuven, Belgium, where I devoted significant effort to urban projects, such as revitalizing the fishermen's neighborhood in Oostende, fostering a hybrid growth strategy for Zaventem Zuid, and reconnecting the 20th-century belt in Antwerp. My thesis delved into the neoliberal city of Gurgaon, uncovering its hybrid nature and proposing strategies to spatialize its interstices.
Tanushree Baruah
I am a part-time student working on: 'Brahmaputra River Basin: A Game Theoretic Approach to Cooperation and Benefit Sharing'. I'm also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Cotton University
Rupam Bhaduri
I am researching the changing climate scenario over the Brahmaputra River Basin and its implications for hydropower decision-making at the Centre for the Environment, supported by an Institute Fellowship.

Past PhD

Naina Singh
Naina Singh is a PhD Candidate at Graduate Institute of International Politics of National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), Taichung, Taiwan. She is currently an executive team member of International Master Program in Asia and China Studies at NCHU. She is a Taiwan Ministry of Education Scholarship recipient. Her research focus lies in exploring paradiplomacy of Indian and Chinese states, Taiwan's soft power, and non-traditional security in Asia. She has contributed various articles in magazines , newspapers and think-tank platforms. Her recent publication is “Understanding Sub-State’s Agency in Regionalism: The Case of Yunnan in Bangladesh–China–India–Myanmar Initiative”. The purpose of her visit to India is to conduct interviews and collect data pertaining to thesis titled “Political Frontier State and Regional International Relations: A Comparative Study of Assam and Yunnan Cross-border Engagements”.
Juna Probha Devi
I am currently serving as an Associate at PwC India. My thesis focused on climate change impacts in the Tawang River Basin, Eastern Himalayas at the Centre for the Environment. I was awarded the Shastri Research Student Fellowship (2019-20).
Bhupen Mili
I conducted a study in East Sikkim, using a human development approach for vulnerability assessment. I am a Senior Consultant in Department of Disaster Management in Government of Arunachal Pradesh.
Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman
I am currently Programme Coordinator and Research Associate at the Heinrich Böll Regional Office and a Visiting Associate Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies. My thesis focused on the geopolitics of Sino-Indian transboundary water management in the Yarlung Tsangpo and Brahmaputra, exploring whether they are waters of conflict or cooperation.
Rachna Yadav
My PhD research topic focused on 'Entropy and the Development Process.' During my academic journey. Additionally, I hold the title of Development Constant and have had the privilege of being a former fellow at the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD).
Suparna Katyaini
I am currently Programme Lead - Sustainable Water at the Council of Energy, Environment and Water. My thesis focused on assessing virtual water flows to mitigate water scarcity in India, focusing on the science-policy interface.
Bandana Khataniar
I am currently a Superintendent at IIT Guwahati. My thesis focused on conducting an empirical analysis of the environmental consequences of economic growth in Asia.

Current MA

Hilde Nijland | External
Hello! I am Hilde, I am a student in Development and Rural Innovation at Wageningen University and Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. For my Master thesis, I am researching contested discourses surrounding wetlands in Guwahati. For this, I visited wetlands in the city and conducted interviews to understand how different stakeholders might have different ideas about the wetlands’ value and future use. For this research, I stayed at IIT Guwahati for a month.

Past MA

Sonal Sharma
My Thesis title is 'Economic evaluation of flood control infrastructure in Dibrugarh district of Assam'.
Sonam Gupta
My Thesis title is 'Examining the co-evolving conflict and cooperation in the Teesta River basin'.
Merlyn Maria Anthony
My Dissertation Title was "Climate Vulnerability assessment for the state of Manipur: A District Level Analysis".
Debayan Hazra
My Dissertation Title was "Efficiency of water Pricing-a case study of Guwahati city".
Abhinav Sharma
My Dissertation Title was "Benefit Sharing of Trans-Boundary Water Resources: Case Study Analysis of Senegal and Mekong River Basin".
Bidyut Bikash Changmai
My Dissertation Title was "Water diplomacy as a tool for transboundary cooperation: The Brahmaputra Basin".
Lopamudra Boruah
My Dissertation Title was "Brahmaputra River Basin: Understanding the Role of Institutions".
Khurshid Alam Ahmad
My Dissertation Title was "Corporate social responsibility: A case study of CSR implementation in Numaligarh Refinery Limited, Assam".
Parishmita Saikia
'My Dissertation Title was 'Socio-economic conditions of tea labourers of Assam: A case study from Jorhat''.
Bankerlang Kharmylliem
My Dissertation Title was ''The Sustainable City-A Case Study of Domestic Water in Shillong''.
Navin Kumar
'My Dissertation Title was 'Evolution of the concept & classification of vulnerability in Climate Change research''.
Tanmoy Das
My Dissertation Title was 'Resilience to Climate Change-Role of Rural Non Farm Sector (A case study of Pamphok Rural Village, Sikkim)''.
Abhishek Mazumdar
My Dissertation Title was ''A Case study of Tata?s CSR Implementation through Golden Eavers? Project in South Kamrup, Assam''.
Anjan Chamua
My Dissertation Title was ''Climate Change and Tourism: A case study in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India''.
Nilutpal Kashyap
My Dissertation Title was ''A study on Park-People Relationship of Manas National Park in Assam, India''.
Rintu Chandra Boro
My Dissertation Title was ''Pricing of Urban Water Supply-A Literature Review''.
Bhupen Mili
My Dissertation Title was ''Impact of Climate Change on Livelihood-A Case Study in Majuli, Jorhat, Assam''.
Manzil Gogoi
My Dissertation Title was ''Trend Analysis of Climate Change Parameters-A Case Study of North East India (Assam, Meghalaya and Sikkim)''.
Pronoy Rai
My Dissertation Title was ''Access to Drinking Water in Urban India- A Case Study of Guwahati City''.


Jaya Shukla
I am involved in the 'Trans Path' project, focusing on water transformation pathways planning
Arundhati Deka
I'm a past researcher who has lead projects on Brahmaputra River water governance, science communication for water diplomacy, and the Open Water Diplomacy Lab. I also examined urban nature-society relations and contributed to developing hydro-diplomacy coursework with The Asia Foundation. Additionally, I've reviewed Oxfam's Transboundary Rivers of South Asia program and completed a fellowship at IHE Delft in 2021, specializing in water conflict and cooperation.


Chayashri Basumatary
I am working on two initiatives: 'Support for Economic Analysis of the Assam Integrated River Basin Planning and Management Project' and 'Development of Resilient Programs for the Six States of the North East Region of India and Himachal Pradesh', focusing on economic analysis and resilience program development.
Krishna Deori
I am engaged in two projects: 'Science Communication for Water Diplomacy in the Brahmaputra' and 'Trans Path: Water Transformation Pathways Planning', focusing on effective communication strategies and planning transformative water pathways.